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Any % is Better than 0%

ReflectionsStephen Travers

I always have so many reasons why now is not the best time. In a few days/weeks/months/years I’ll be less-tired/less- busy/less-distracted. Especially because I really want to do a good job. Especially with art where people will probably have to see it. (Curse you, visual art!) So much fragile ego at stake. What others think of me. What I think of myself.

For much of my life this has meant that usually I do 0%. Because in the world in which I live, it is never the ideal time to do anything. Myriad possibilities and responsibilities and conflicts attack from all sides. All the time.

But days/weeks/months/years slip by. So unintendedly. As a result I’ve learnt if a thing is worth doing, it’s worth making a start. Any start. I won’t wait until I can afford the better quality brushes/canvasses/paints. Until I properly organise my equipment/space/time. Until I have read the books and watched the YouTube tutorials. Because if my art is really worth doing, doing half as much as I’d have liked, not quite as well as I’d have hoped, will always be better than nothing.

I can’t say this is exactly what I’d hoped to write, but as now isn’t really a good time to write it, it’s the best I can do.