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Things I’ve Learnt About Hashtags #3

Stephen Travers

Finding Tags


If your 30 hashtags are a way strangers find your posts, then we need to use as many types of tags as possible to connect us with people who may like our work. Here is what I use:


Use Your Medium: pencil, watercolour, ink, marker – all these and more each have many related tags. You could use brand names of your art supplies if you’re hoping to attract sponsor attention!


Use Synonyms & Cognates: not just sketching words, but also drawing words, and art words, there are different tags using the same word but different cognates – such as sketch, sketcher, sketches, sketching, sketchers, etc.  Each one has its own possibilities, and some will be better suited to your tag-size sweet-spot (see yesterday’s blog) than others.


Do You Post Daily? (or almost): try sketchaday, sketch daily, sketchoftheday, dailysketch etc.  And of course, most of these are duplicated using the word drawing as well.


Use your Subject: if you’ve done an artwork of the Louvre, then tag the Louvre, tag Paris, tag I love Paris etc.


Look at the Tags of Posts Similar to Yours: Not everything will  be relevant, but new possibilities will be found.


Use Instagram: If you do a tag search, along with your tag will be a series of related tags as suggestions. 


Occasionally Change What You Do – this will enable you to use new tags.  Today I hand watercoloured a print of my drawing of St Sulpice. (I’m using it as a prize in a Giveaway today). This post will enable me to use watercolour tags etc.


Finally, English is not the only language in the world. The next Blog will be about using foreign language tags.


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